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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Village of Northbrook Village Board met April 9

By Michael Abella | May 17, 2019

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Village of Northbrook Village Board met April 9.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:




A. Board of Trustees - Regular Meeting - Mar 12, 2019 7:30 PM


MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

B. Board of Trustees - Special Meeting - Mar 19, 2019 7:30 PM


MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han


A. Swearing in of Police Officer Brett Kim

Village Clerk Ford swore in Police Officer Brett Kim.


A. Introduction of Chaplain Iman Hazim Fazlic

The Chief of Police introduced Chaplain Iman Hazim Fazlic and welcomed him to the Northbrook Police Department.

B. A Resolution Recognizing Glenbrook North High School Swimming and Diving Team Member Ryan Purdy for his Championships.

Trustee Buehler read the Resolution honoring Ryan Purdy.


MOVER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

SECONDER: James Karagianis, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

C. A Resolution Recognizing The Northbrook Park District Teams Elite Junior Skaters Team for being the First Place Junior Division at the 2019 Spring Cup in Milan, Italy Nicole Emerson accepted the award for the team.


MOVER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

SECONDER: James Karagianis, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han


A. A Public Hearing FY 2019/20 Annual Budget

Trustee Ciesla explained a Public Hearing notice was published on 3/28/2019 in accordance with State Law. On March 19th, there was an Administration and Finance Committee Meeting to discuss the draft budget. The total budget for the Village of Northbrook is $95,489,363 the total general fund portion of that is $44,930,380. The general fund is projected to be balanced. The estimated fund balance on April 30, 2020 is equal to 48% of revenue; that is 8% above our 40% policy which equates to $3.7 million. A detailed two-year revenue projection for the general fund in FY 19/20 show operating expenses at.3% lower than projections made one year ago. Our general fund operating budget is only 1.5% higher than the current years’ amended budget and we are including additional pension contributions. This year, we are adding an additional $425,000 to fund our pensions for our Firefighters and our Police Officers. We have a balanced budget for the general fund in 2021 and our significant capital projects for the upcoming year include: $740,000 for a new fire engine, storm water mitigation of $1.8 million, water distribution system improvements $6.3 million and street maintenance and improvements of $2 million.

Herb Brenner, Northbrook resident stated that, regarding the budget, he would like to discuss possible payment to the Chamber of Commerce this year, out of the Hotel Revenue Tax. The Chamber has not shown that more people are coming in to Northbrook to shop. If they can show and prove that it's due to their television advertisements, he'd be fine with them collecting $240,000 in dues.

Trustee Collison stated that she does support the contribution to the Chamber but wanted it to be on the record that it was not a "rubber stamp" for her. She met with the Chamber, the Chairman and the President and learned about some of the initiatives including the texting and marketing. She is satisfied that they are representing all Northbrook businesses, not just the members. She requested and received a detailed budget and reviewed their reserve policy and in terms of the salaries, it's hard to compare to other communities because they are a much larger Chamber.

Trustee Ciesla moved, seconded by Trustee Collison to close the Public Hearing. On voice vote all were in favor.

B. An Ordinance Adopting the Municipal Budget of the Village of Northbrook, County of Cook, State of Illinois for the Fiscal Year Beginning May 1, 2019 and Ending April 30, 2020

Prior to the next ordinance, President Frum recused herself and left the room.


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: James Karagianis, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

C. An Ordinance Adopting the Budget of the Northbrook Public Library, County of Cook, State of Illinois for the Fiscal Year Beginning May 1, 2019 and Ending April 30, 2020

Trustee Cielsa moved, seconded by Trustee Buehler to nominate Trustee Karagianis as President Pro Tem. On voice vote all were in favor.


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

AYES: Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han



Herb Brenner, Northbrook resident stated that assuming that the TIF is approved, it will mean that there will be up to $27 million going to developers for this development. He stated that TIFs are being paired with affordable housing. When Mr. Brenner stated he spoke before the Plan Commission and several of the Commissioners believed that this project should include an affordable housing component. What he thinks is reasonable here is 15% of the units at Northbrook Court or 47 of the units should be affordable housing. There are several thousand people that work in Northbrook, drive into Northbrook or take public transportation into Northbrook every day and can't afford to live here. He requested that the Village look into this and include it as part of the plan.


Village Manager Nahrstadt wanted to remind everyone that the Illinois Department of Transportation Project to replace the culvert on Dundee Road and Lee Road is set to begin next Monday and run until the end of October. During that time, Dundee Road will be completely closed at that location. There is information on the website and he encouraged people to sign up for Northbrook Notify.


Review and Approval of Payments to be Made

Trustee Ciesla moved for the approval of Class A and B Warrants for March 1, 2019 to March 15, 2019 in the amount of $1,504,042.81. Class A and B Warrants for March 16, 2019 to March 31, 2019 totaling $1,436,955.94 and Frontage Deposit Refunds of March 14, 2109 in the amount of $2,500 and Frontage Deposit Refunds for March 29, 2019 totaling $17,800.

Trustee Han noted an objection he has on the Warrant List, under Item 9A there is an approval of payments from March 1 to 15, 2019 he states that we are paying the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce a Membership Fee of $1,480 which is more than $700 that we paid last year. If we are paying 10% of our Hotel Tax to the Northbrook Chamber, why are we also adding an extra $1,480 to their budget?

Trustee Ciesla amended her motion to approve the Warrants and Frontage Deposit Refunds as stated minus the $1,480. Trustee Israel second the motion.


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, HanB. Review of Frontage Deposit List Dated March 14, 2019


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

C. Review and Approval of Payments to be Made


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

D. Review of Frontage Deposit List Dated March 29, 2019


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han


A. Proclaiming April 16, 2019 as Education & Sharing Day in Northbrook

President Frum read and presented the Proclamation to Rabbi

B. Proclaiming April 22, 2019 as "Earth Day" in the Village of Northbrook

President Frum read the proclamation proclaiming April 22, 2109 "Earth Day" in the Village of Northbrook.

C. Proclaiming April 26, 2019 as "Arbor Day" in the Village of Northbrook

President Frum read the proclamation proclaiming April 26, 2019 "Arbor Day" in the Village of Northbrook.

D. Proclaiming April as Fair Housing Month

President Frum also added that "Coffee with a Cop" will be Thursday morning from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the train station.

Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. all are welcome to an Artist Reception for Northbrook Originals featuring 48 Northbrook artists at the library.

Saturday, April 13 is the day Northbrook is celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day at the Village Green.



A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Horner & Shifrin Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri for Program Assistance for the Village's Stormwater Inflow & Infiltration Control Program


A Resolution Authorizing the Execution of Contract with Mauro Sewer Construction Inc. of Des Plaines, IL for the 2019 Water Main Replacement Program


A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement for Material Testing Services with Soil and Material Consultants Inc. of Arlington Heights, Illinois


A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement for Environmental Engineering Services with Huff and Huff Inc. of Oak Brook, Illinois


A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of the Contract with Foot Stone Inc. of Glenview, Illinois for Native Landscape Management Services


A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of the Contract for Cemetery Landscape Maintenance with BrightView Landscape Services, LLC of Chicago, Illinois


A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of the Contract With Meade Electric Company of McCook, Illinois for Maintenance of Traffic Signals


A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement with Best Quality Facility Services, LLC of Franklin Park, Illinois for Custodial Maintenance Services at Certain Village Buildings


A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement with Advanced Tree Care of Lincolnshire, Illinois for Parkway Tree and Stump Removal Services


A Resolution Authorizing the Execution of an Agreement with Trees "R" Us of Wauconda, Illinois for the Treatment of Parkway Ash Trees


A Resolution Authorizing a Contract with Phoenix Fire Systems of Frankfort, Illinois for Installation of Dry Fire Suppression Systems at the Village Hall and Police Department


A Resolution Approving the Purchase of Computers from ITSavvy LLC


A Resolution Approving the Purchase of New Servers & Software from Hewlett Packard Enterprise


A Resolution Approving a Plat of Consolidation for 3181-3183 Highland Road (Docket No. BOT-19-04)


A Resolution Authorizing a Tree Permit for a Heritage Tree at 3181 and 3183 Highland Road


A Resolution Approving a Three-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Northbrook Police Association


A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions for the Fourth of July


A Resolution for a Cardiac Monitor Purchase



Trustee Karagianis moved, seconded by Trustee Han to move the Public hearing on Northbrook Court Redevelopment up on the agenda. On voice vote, all were in favor.

1. Public Hearing on Proposed Northbrook Court Tax Increment Financing District and Redevelopment Plan and Project

President Frum opened the Public Hearing.

Bob Rychlicki with the Village consultant, Kane McKenna stated that they have worked with the Village in the past with respect to designation of a Tax Increment Financing District. From the stand point of a normal planning process, a TIF is a financing plan; it's not going to replace any entitlements or comprehensive plans. It is used in the utilization of tax increment financing, as part of achieving a redevelopment objective. There have been shifts in terms of retail spending, as well as the utilization of brick and mortar stores. From a standpoint of repositioning portions of the Mall, some action is required, one of which is the proposed TIF to encourage redevelopment of the obsolete or underutilized site. The idea of the TIF program is to coordinate redevelopment, reposition assets and reposition properties within the TIF District and to achieve municipal objectives with respect to investment, job creation, and tax creation. The TIF designation under State Law is the culmination of a series of notices. There have been notices to the tax payers of record, residential addresses within 750 feet, and general newspaper notices. The area in question is the Northbrook Court Shopping Center and the attention for the TIF is concentrated on the west part, which includes the Macy's department store and the adjacent parking fields.

To qualify or set up a TIF there are several components, one being you have to have a TIF plan. But also, there must be designation and the designation consist of meeting certain eligibility factors that are set forth in the TIF Act, there are thirteen of them. To qualify, a minimum of five have to be present out of the thirteen and also as it relates to reasonable distribution of the factors. Last year, Village Staff reviewed this area in November/December and six factors were identified.

There are two parts to this plan; one being the eligibility report and the second is the TIF redevelopment plan. The TIF Act requires the Village to identify what the maximum amount of expenditures could be in the area. This is dependent on the money that comes in from the TIF revenues and for the Village Board approval of the utilization of these; this is over a twenty- three-year period. The base equalized assessed valuation of $9,549,601 would be certified by the Cook County Clerk's Office Any amount over this, as the redevelopment generates higher property assessments, goes into the special tax allocation fund which is controlled by the Village of Northbrook. The equalized assessed valuation based on completion of redevelopment activities over the twenty-three-year period is projected to be $70 million to $75 million, over the term of the TIF. The TIF budget is$37,600,000. A key component is the Statutory School District payments; that is an amount that the TIF Act requires if there are new school age children within the TIF.

Steve Elrod, Village Attorney reported there are many requirements in the Illinois TIF Statute, including the convening of a Joint Review Board of all of the taxing bodies that are affected by any area that is contemplated to be designated as a TIF District. Northbrook has one existing TIF District and we convened a Joint Review Board for the TIF District at Dundee and Skokie. The Village of Northbrook designated its representative as Village Manager Nahrstadt and at the first meeting of the Joint Review Board, the Board selected a member at large, that member is former Village Trustee, Michael Scolaro who has now been selected to be Chairman of the Board. The first meeting of this Board was in February. The JRB met a second time to address certain concerns that were raised by the School Districts. At the direction of Chairman Scolaro the developer met with the School Districts and proposed a resolution to the concerns that were raised by the School Districts. There is a formula that will guarantee to the School Districts that they will combined receive the full 40% statutory set aside for the high school and the elementary school from the TIF. The School District was satisfied with that proposal and voted in favor of the JRB resolution.

Mike Scolaro, Northbrook resident and Chairman of the Joint Review Board, stated that the state of retail in the country is failing, internet sales of retail goods have gone from 10% of total retail sales in 2010 and have climbed 1% per year since then and show no signs of abatement. The best retail foot traffic in malls in the United States, the best month over the past two years, was a 4% decrease in foot traffic. Gross margins of retailers peaked in 2010 at 38.5% and are currently at 35.2%. Store closures which were 4,600 in 2007 peaked last year at over 8,000 department stores and specialty retailers. How we are buying things now has changed dramatically. Things are going to change at Northbrook Court. It is in the best interest of the Village both in a tax perspective and a land use perspective to adopt this TIF; the schools are entirely behind it, the Joint Review Board voted unanimously for the creation of a TIF. What is before us, the Village should consider and vote positively on.

Attorney Elrod stated that regarding the TIF, we have complied with all the requirements to date. The next process is the public hearing which we are engaged in right now. Once this public hearing is closed, there are three separate Ordinances that must be adopted to create a TIF District. However, you cannot do that until after a fourteen day wait period that is set forth by State Statute. The earliest date which we can adopt the TIF District would be at the April 23, 2019 meeting. If the Village does not adopt it at that time, you have an outside date of ninety days. Attorney Elrod provided a slide presentation showing the details of the proposed TIF. He stated that the matter is still going through the Plan Commission with respect to the planning and zoning. The proposed development will be approximately 72,000 sq. ft. of newer renovated retail including a food hall and substantial renovations and investment in the remainder of the mall. The developer has stated that the total plan investment is $251,000,000. The specific request is that a portion of the overall investment be reimbursed to the developer through Tax Increment Financing up to $21.5 million. This would be done through two separate notes that would be issued by the Village, but they would be notes secured only by the tax increment revenue if it exists. The Village would not be pledging its full faith and credit; it would not be issuing general obligation bonds. Instead, it is issuing a limited resource note that is backed solely by the new additional property tax revenue that may be generated by the tax increment finance district. These notes are not to be issued by the Village until all the new retail construction is 100% complete and all of the residential is 100% complete and a Certificate of Occupancy is ready to be issued for those units and there is an executed lease for the proposed grocer and at least one free standing restaurant in the project. The other part of the financial component, which is not part of the TIF, is a sales tax rebate of up to $5.5 million. This sales tax rebate is only on the increment of sales tax above that, which currently is being received from Northbrook Court.

Trustee Han asked about a line item he saw for $37,600,000 was budgeted by the developer and wanted to know why this number wasn't $27,000,000. Bob Rychlicki responded that the total TIF budget number accounts for additions over and above the actual project itself and includes the statutory School District set aside cost and interest on the notes.

Trustee Han also asked about a sentence on page 16 of the Kane McKenna report under the Estimated Redevelopment Project Costs. The sentence reads, "Private investments which supplement redevelopment project costs are expected to substantially exceed the redevelopment project costs." Trustee Han stated that would tell him that there is private money out there that would finance these costs. Trustee Han asked if it means that if there were no public investment there would be no private investment. Mr. Rychlicki stated that is a critical feature of the findings of the plan. But for the utilization of the TIF Program you would not have the investment that is realized or projected. Public investment is leveraging the private investment.

President Frum stated that creating a TIF District is a potential aid to development or redevelopment of a site. We presently have TIF in Northbrook on the property at 770 Skokie at the corner of Skokie and Dundee. At the time the District was created, it was an empty lot and the plan for development was the Center of the North Shore. That development failed; eventually another plan was presented and adopted by leveraging that TIF District. The TIF before us tonight is for the redevelopment of Northbrook Court. There are three distinct decisions that have to be made: 1. Whether a TIF District can be established under State Law. 2. Whether the TIF District should be established. 3. The amount contemplated. Regarding 1 and 3, our consultants have indicated that this potential TIF meets the State criteria for the establishment of the District. They have also indicated that the numbers, as presented by the developers, are accurate and that the stated funding gap exists. We know that this is the size and type of redevelopment occurring at shopping malls all over the country. Of the four recent TIF approvals near Northbrook, the Northbrook Court request, 10.4% when you include TIF and sales tax is on the low end of what developers have asked other communities to participate.

President Frum personally believes that the request for $21.5 million is justified. As for number 2, the establishment of a TIF District itself, she would like the Board and the public to remember what Northbrook Court means to the Village and its taxing bodies. Northbrook Court is our single largest property tax payer. It provides District 28 with over $2.5 million of property tax per year. It provides us with 25% of the sales tax we receive, the largest source of revenue to the general fund. School Districts 28 and 225 have both signed off on the TIF believing it will benefit them in the long run. Significantly, no taxing District including the Village of Northbrook is giving up a single dollar of tax money that it currently receives from this area. In her mind, the question that each one of us needs to answer is whether this request meets the "but for” test. But for the redevelopment will Northbrook Court continue to be viable, but for the TIF will this redevelopment occur, but for the TIF will the developers proceed.

Attorney Elrod noted that one of the slides, not in respect to the TIF but in respect to sales tax, said the developer would receive 100% of the sales tax above the base, they are only receiving 50% of the sales tax above the base.

Trustee Karagianis moved, seconded by Trustee Buehler to close the Public Hearing. On voice vote, all were in favor.

Trustee Karagianis stated that given that Northbrook Court is such a large component of the Villages revenue, he looks at it as a not very expensive insurance policy. When you use public money to promote investment, it's all about returns. Macy's is going to go away. If we let this go and it starts to look blighted, the whole center will start to deteriorate very rapidly.

Trustee Buehler agrees with Trustee Karagianis and feels this is an opportunity the Village has to look at what the future is going to be and have some input into that. The Schools and the Joint Review Board all agreed on this unanimously. He is in favor of this and will vote positively.

Trustee Ciesla believes that we have satisfied the three requirements. She feels the Village has an obligation to invest in the community and she views this TIF as an investment in the community. This makes a lot of sense and should be done. She is a "Yes."

Trustee Israel agrees with everything that has been said and believes this is a smart investment on behalf of the Village.

Trustee Collison also supports the funding. She puts a lot of weight into what the Joint Review Board said. She is comfortable with the safeguards that are in place.

Trustee Han thinks that every business that operates in Northbrook is a contributor to the community but not every business asks for a 10% discount on their taxes. He sees this as corporate welfare because of this. It's not fair that we ask people to pay their fair share, businesses to pay their fair share of sales and property tax and simply because of the size of this business, they can say, "If you don't give us what we want, we're going to take our ball and go home." He doesn't like that no one knows what the goals of these investors are. He will acknowledge the reality that they are the biggest player in the commercial life blood of Northbrook, but he will not support this without an affordable housing component. There should be at least 10% if not 15% of the units designated for affordable housing.

Attorney Elrod explained the options before the Board of Trustees. If the Plan Commission determines in a certain way with respect to the land use request, it may be that the developer is not able to or does not desire to proceed with the development at all. What you don't want is to have a TIF District created and the twenty-three-year clock start to tick without an actual project. You need to wait on the Plan Commission, but you cannot exceed the ninety days from today for the vote.

President Frum explained that what Mr. Elrod is recommending is that the Board not approve the TIF until they receive the recommendation from the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission has another hearing on May 7, 2019 on this item. The earliest the Board will hear anything will be May 28, 2019.

Trustee Buehler stated that he will not be on the Board after May 14th and feels this is an important item that should be voted on by the current Board Members. Trustee Karagianis agrees.

Trustee Buehler moved seconded by Trustee Israel to Direct Staff to prepare the documents for the approval of the TIF to be on the agenda of the next Board of Trustees Meeting. On a roll call vote Trustees Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel and Collision voted Aye, Trustee Han Voted Nay.


Senior Planner, Swati Pandey reported that three approval documents are before the Board tonight for consideration to approve the new Bank of America building at 1200 Shermer. The proposed site plan is similar in configuration as proposed last year at the Preliminary Review with enhancements to landscaping, adding pedestrian connection, etc. The focus of the configuration has remained to protect the grove of trees on the east side of the property. Some trees have also been preserved on the north and south sides of the property as well. The site plan shows two full access points to Lincoln Avenue and Shermer Road with two-way access on the east and the south side and one-way access for the drive-thru on the north and the west side. The ACC has reviewed and recommended approval to the site plan, elevations and signage for this project, with one change to the north facade where they've added additional decorative wood siding to the facade that is facing the residential district across Lincoln Avenue. The Plan Commission has also reviewed the site plan and the project overall and has recommended approval with one addition to grant major variation to increase FAR on Lot #2 (larger lot with existing building).

President Frum stated that when this came before the Board prior, there was some concern about this building being closer to the sidewalk or the street and she would like to reiterate that as we are trying to create a downtown or larger downtown, she would like to see some of the other vacant space developed as well which will create a synergy between the townhomes and these businesses.

Trustee Ciesla asked if anyone else was concerned about the traffic and this curb cut. She stated that she was unable to support the application due to traffic concerns caused by the proposed project. Trustee Collison also has a concern about the proposed curb-cut on Shermer Road and associated traffic issues. Trustee Han also had concerns and doesn't feel this will benefit our downtown.

Trustee Buehler stated that this is not an increase in services, it's a relocation of the use on the same lot. They've had people coming out onto Shermer since it moved from the empty lot that's a little bit closer to the west. There has been a bank there for decades. The curb-cuts on Shermer and Lincoln are existing and the proposed configurations are not too dissimilar. He doesn't really see any risk in this. He likes the way the plan has been developed internally. He likes the connections between Lincoln and Shermer work. He is supportive of the application.

Trustee Israel stated he was fine with the application as presented and he agreed with Trustee Buehler’s comments.

Trustee Karagianis moved, seconded by Trustee Buehler to approve Resolution No. 19-44 and Ordinance No. 19-22 and Ordinance 19-23, taken in an omnibus fashion.

A. A Resolution Granting a Subdivision Variation and Approving a Combined Tentative and Final Plat of Subdivision


MOVER: James Karagianis, Trustee 

SECONDER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Israel

NAYS: Ciesla, Collison, Han

8. An Ordinance Granting Special Permits For an Accessory Drive Through for a Bank, Loading Space Variation, Level III Design Review, and Site Plan Approval


MOVER: James Karagianis, Trustee

SECONDER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Israel

NAYS: Ciesla, Collison, Han

C. An Ordinance Granting Approval of a Major Variation for Floor Area Ratio in Excess of C-2 District Limit for Lot


MOVER: James Karagianis, Trustee

SECONDER: A.C. Buehler, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Israel

NAYS: Ciesla, Collison, Han


1. Preliminary Review - Request for Increased Sign Height - Maple School 2370 Shermer Road

The Board waived staff presentation and unanimously agreed to forward the application for review to the Plan Commission.

2. Preliminary Review of a Request to Rezone 1828-1908 Techny Road from I-1 Restricted Industrial to the ICS Industrial and Commercial Services District

The Board waived staff presentation and unanimously agreed to forward the application for review to the Plan Commission.



A. Review and Approval of the March 19, 2019 Administration and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Karagianis moved, second by Trustee Israel to approve the minutes from the Committee Meeting held on March 19, 2019. On voice vote, all were in favor.


A. Review and Approval of the January 29, 2019 and March 19, 2019 Public Works Committee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Buehler moved, second by Trustee Israel to approve the Public Works Committee Meeting minutes from January 29, 2019 and March 19, 2019. On voice vote, all were in favor.


No report.


A Report from the Environmental Quality Commission on Single-Use Plastic Bags

The Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) spent a considerable amount of time over the last year looking at and considering a ban on single use plastic bags. Some things the Commission looked at was the resources that go into producing plastic bags vs. other types of bags, finding that there are considerably more resources that go into producing paper bags vs. plastic bags. With that, there is still a greater rate of recycling paper bags due to the accessibility of programs like curb side recycling. The Commission also looked at similar communities that have implemented bans and fees on single use plastic bags. They have found that the ban that Evanston put into place in 2014 which applies to businesses over 10,000 sq. ft. has not resulted in a reduction of plastic bags that are being distributed. The Commission found that most retailers went to thicker plastic bags that took them out of the single use category and thus not affected by the ban. When looking at Oak Park, they implemented a 10 cent per bag fee that fee is split, 5 cents to businesses and 5 cents to Oak Park. Oak Park collects that with the other fees and taxes that they already collect from businesses. Oak Park has reported a reduction in single use bags being distributed. It was noted that the Village of Northbrook does not collect any such fees or taxes directly from businesses and as such a fee or tax would require the Village and businesses to create such a process. The EQC recommends a three-prong approach to provide more accessibility to recycling options for plastic bags, while also promoting the use of reusable shopping bags. The three recommendations from the EQC include: accepting plastic bags at Village facilities for recycling, purchase and distribute reusable shopping bags to discourage use of single use bags and institute a "leave one take one" program where people could drop off a bag if they have too many and someone else could take it.

Trustee Ciesla stated that she heard the State of Illinois is looking to implement something with respect to plastic bags anyway. President Frum confirmed the State proposed a $0.07 or $0.10state tax on plastic bags. She doesn't know if there is a Bill pending.

Trustee Ciesla would like to see the Village implement a bag fee.

Trustee Karagianis stated that he hates plastic bags. He likes the EQC recommendations but doesn't believe they go far enough. As soon as you must pay for a plastic bag, you're going to start bringing your own bag. He will support anything to get the ball rolling on eliminating single use plastic bags.

Trustee Buehler likes the recommendations and feels it’s a good start, but the reusable bags need to be of a washable material.

Trustee Israel would like to see the three recommended programs from the EQC put in place and have it monitored over a year.

Trustee Collison stated she would be in favor of a ban but not necessarily a tax on bags. Trustee Han supports the recommendations from the EQC.

The Direction from the Board is to move ahead with the program as suggested by the

EQC and revisit in six months to one year to see how it's working.


Trustee Israel stated that at the last Public Works Committee meeting, Kuntel and Artie Rhana come in and asked for a consolidation of lots, and to eliminate several trees on his property. The Rhana's came in with all their family and the Rabbi and the President of the Synagogue and won the Committee over. He would like to welcome them to the community.

Trustee Collison stated that she attended the Local Adjudication Hearing today and recommends everyone go.

Trustee Ciesla wished her daughter a happy 17th birthday.



Trustee Israel moved, seconded by Trustee Karagianis to adjourn at 9:41 p.m. On voice vote, all were in favor.

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