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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Village of Bartlett Committee of the Whole met July 2

By Michael Abella | Aug 1, 2019


Village of Bartlett Committee of the Whole met July 2.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

President Wallace called the Committee of the Whole meeting to order at 7:53 p.m.

PRESENT: Chairmen Camerer, Carbonaro, Deyne, Gabrenya, Hopkins, Reinke and President Wallace


ALSO PRESENT: Village Administrator Paula Schumacher, Assistant Village Administrator Scott Skrycki, Management Analyst, Joey Dienberg, Finance Director Todd Dowden, Planning and Development Services Director Roberta Grill, Public Works Director Dan Dinges, Public Works Engineer Bob Allen, Building Director Brian Goralski, Food and Beverage Manager, Paul Petersen, Chief, Patrick Ullrich, Deputy Chief Geoff Pretkelis, Deputy Chief Jim Durbin, Village Attorney Bryan Mraz and Village Clerk Lorna Giless.


Bannerman’s Outdoor Seating

Planning and Development Services Director Roberta Grill stated that the petitioner is requesting a special use permit to allow outdoor seating including the serving of food. The petitioner purchased Bannerman’s in the fall of 2018 and he would like to convert the existing fenced in area that was previously an outdoor play area into an outdoor beer garden. The beer garden would include ten tables with a total of forty seats. The petitioner originally proposed to have T.V.’s, games and occasional acoustic music with no amplification in the outdoor beer garden, however, at the Plan Commission meeting held on June 13th, they recommended prohibiting televisions and speakers from the outdoor beer garden. The petitioner also proposed repairing and utilizing the existing six foot tall wood fence. The Plan Commission recommended replacing the fence with an eight foot masonry wall to serve as a noise barrier. Bannerman’s is currently open seven days a week and closes at 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday, 12:00 a.m. Wednesdays, 12:30 a.m. on Thursdays, and 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The petitioner originally requested that the outdoor beer garden be open those same hours, however, the Plan Commission recommended limiting the hours of the beer garden Sunday through Thursday until 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The Plan Commission discussed potential noise from activities from the beer garden and the proposed hours, along with the number of calls that were made to the police department. The Plan Commission requested staff to research acceptable noise levels and the petitioner has agreed to reduce the hours of the beer garden and expressed his commitment to addressing the noise concerns of nearby residents. The Plan Commission recommended approval subject to the masonry fence being installed, repairing the existing bollards and obtaining a permit for the new wall and four foot wide emergency exit. Additionally, all activities shall comply with the Bartlett Municipal Code Excessive Noise section. Smoking, televisions and speakers shall be prohibited. The hours of the beer garden shall be Sunday through Thursday until 9:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 10:00 p.m. The beer garden will close at 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights when Bannerman’s has indoor live music scheduled. Staff researched State of Illinois regulations and reached out to other municipalities regarding sound limits. Staff recommends adding that the noise level measured at the property lines shall not exceed 55 decibels. The petitioner is here if you have any additional questions.

Chairman Deyne asked how staff would monitor the 55 decibels at the property line if this is approved.

Ms. Grill stated that the police would purchase a decibel meter and monitor.

Chairman Deyne asked what the existing noise level is at the property line during live bands.

Ms. Grill stated that it’s unknown at this time.

Chairman Deyne stated that staff should get a reading the next time there is a band to see if they are already over 55 decibels or not.

President Wallace agreed.

Ms. Grill stated that Everwash Carwash had a decibel level set at 54 with homes only 83 feet from them.

Chairman Reinke stated that he has a lot of experience with enforcing and not enforcing decibel limits. Without establishing a baseline, what the ambient noise is which will vary by the time of day, it will be very difficult for us to say that the 55 decibels are coming from the beer garden versus the trucks on Rt. 59. The frequency of the sound matters as well. 55 decibels of high frequency sound behaves differently than 55 decibels of low frequency sound. He did not think the Village had the data to get a baseline.

Village Attorney Bryan Mraz stated that the Villages excessive noise ordinance mirrors the state noise regulations. Unfortunately, to do it correctly, you need a sound engineer that measures ambient noise and the different octaves and bands. Other towns have used this, but there are problems with it in regards to getting a very accurate decibel level for a particular noise you are measuring. He thought it would be a good idea to have a simpler version, because you are not going to have a sound engineer come out and do the proper testing every time.

Chairman Deyne stated that if he were coming before the village board and he had a business in town with concerns from the residents about sound, he would have had come in with that documentation and presented it to the residents and Village Board. If he had to contract with a sound engineer to do it, he would have them out there sampling while the band is playing and have documentation.

Attorney Mraz stated that his point is in regards to future enforcement, a sound engineer is not always going to be available to test if they are over a certain level.

Chairman Hopkins stated that he thinks it’s problematic and that there are several issues with the proposal.

Chairman Gabreyna stated that she wanted to compliment the petitioner for taking a lot of the recommendations given to him and accommodating some of them. Those include, reducing the hours and cutting out speakers and televisions. There were some things brought to light by the residents that were very concerning and changed her thought process. If it’s about sound, it’s the petitioner’s responsibility to prove to the Board and his neighbors that he is going to be able to follow the direction and commit to what he has promised. She stated that she was not comfortable with it until she knows there won’t be an issue.

President Wallace stated that he was curious on what the decibel level was when there was a band at Bannerman’s. He stated that there are some concerns and more work should be done on this. The petitioner should work with the residents and get an idea on what the disturbance is now and address those disturbances. There may be a way to sound proof the building better.

Chairman Gabrenya stated that she looked up 55 decibels and it is the sound a refrigerator makes or a casual conversation. If the petitioner can prove that to the neighbors, she thought it was reasonable. The beer garden is very small compared to the length of Bannerman’s and on a normal daily basis when they have a band, does the entire back wall become an amplifier? If that is the case, they need to be informed of that and she thought the beer garden would not have that same amplification properties. She thought it was the petitioners due diligence to prove that to the board and the neighbors.

Chairman Hopkins stated that he thought the item should not be forwarded on to the Village Board for a vote. He thought the petitioner should present additional facts on sound and they can move forward from there.

President Wallace stated that he wanted details on how loud a band is from the neighbor’s back yard. If it was the sound of a refrigerator running, he didn’t think the Board would hear people complaining.

The item will come back to a Committee meeting with additional information on sound.


Downtown Decorative Holiday Lighting

Chairman Camerer stated that this idea was discussed last year. The idea was to put some lights up in the trees downtown near the Metra station.

Public Works Director Dan Dinges stated that they initially looked at trying to light the trees, but we don’t have power, so long term that could be a goal to add to a streetscape project. Staff looked at where they could make some enhancements to the downtown and have been working with a lighting vendor. Mr. Isham and Mr. Dinges met with the vendor and showed them the buildings they want to look at lighting. He stated that he will have Mr. Isham present the rest of the material and asked for direction on what the Board wants.

Mr. Isham stated that staff is recommending simple lighting across the village hall, police department, depot museum and Metra station. From there, the vendor would install and maintain the lights. There are additional options of lighting up the fountain, but ComEd would need to run power to it.

President Wallace asked if we can use solar to power the lights in the Town Center where there is no power.

Mr. Isham stated that one of the vendors mentioned that as an option, but it was not priced out. He will get that information from the vendor.

Chairman Camerer stated that it has been mentioned that it is cost prohibitive to run power to the trees near the tracks, but he has not heard how much that would be.

Mr. Dinges stated that it depends where they would be located. If we include Main St. Railroad Ave., Oak St., it will cost hundreds of thousands.

Chairman Camerer asked about focusing on just the railway, the trees that line the tracks.

Mr. Dinges clarified that he was thinking both sides of the track from Western to Berteau Avenue’s.

Chairman Camerer confirmed.

Mr. Dinges stated that it would be costly, but they will get the number. He stated that as soon as you get into doing underground power, then it starts bringing up other stuff that needs to get done at the same time. That is why he suggested doing it with the streetscape because typically that is going to go in the parkway or sidewalks so it’s getting torn up and will need to be replaced, likely costing hundreds of thousands.

Chairman Camerer stated that these lighting costs are $20,000 a year, every year. What he envisioned was having the wiring hooked up, public works installing the lights each year, which is extra work, but should be less expensive in the long run.

Mr. Dinges stated that you would still have to purchase the lights and many times with string lights you are not salvaging a lot of them so they would be thrown out. Timing will be an issue as far as Bartlett crews doing the work because they will be doing the Bartlett tree, the artificial tree on the Devon and Main St. and they are offering to do the Town Center tree. If more things are being added to it, he would get concerned about getting it all done in addition to getting the trucks ready for winter and the other work that is typically done at that time.

Village Administrator Paula Schumacher stated that she is also concerned about the timeframe of putting in the electrical because our budget is already complete for the year.

Chairman Camerer stated that with all due respect, these are just estimates, so it might be less money. Lighting up the village hall and police station, etc. was not going to do much for making it look more festive, in his opinion.

President Wallace stated a few years ago, the Village didn’t have the lights that we currently do, so maybe we should do a little bit for now and see how it goes. He asked Mr. Isham to bring something for the next board meeting about what can be enhanced that will provide a big impact.

Ms. Schumacher stated that earlier, staff had put together a source map with where the electrical is and is not in the downtown area. Staff can go off of that and start to put together some prices so you can see what we would need to do to light the trees along the track. You can compare whether you want to do the lights from the vendor, the lights along the railway or both.

Chairman Carbonaro asked if we budget $20,000 a year for lights because we have added the lights along Main Street.

Mr. Dinges stated that it was just a one-time purchase for the lights. Chairman Deyne asked where the lights are stored.

Mr. Dinges stated that they are stored in the public works garage.

Chairman Deyne stated that $100,000 for all the electrical was expensive, you can buy a lot of extension cords for that.

Chairman Carbonaro asked where we get the electric for the tree next to the gazebo.

Ms. Schumacher stated that it’s ran from the gazebo, there is a new electrical service there.

Chairman Deyne asked who is responsible for maintenance of the gazebo.

Ms. Schumacher stated that the park district is responsible for maintenance. The park is due for renovation. They are working on the “free to be me” park in the playground area as well as the bricks and the gazebo.

Chairman Deyne asked if they plan on painting it.

Ms. Schumacher stated that she thought they would, but she will confirm with the park district.

Chairman Carbonaro stated that it is missing shingles and would be nice to have it in good shape for people that want to take wedding pictures there.

Ms. Schumacher stated that she believes that is included in the renovation plan for the park. Last time she discussed it with the park district, it was their plan to renovate the gazebo when they do the “free to be me” park. She stated that she will ask for a timeframe.

Chairman Reinke stated that if you feel very strongly about where the lights should be located, they need to sit down and talk about it with public works in detail, it sounds like there are a lot of opinions on it.

Chairman Camerer said he would be happy to do that.

Chairman Hopkins stated that he agreed with Chairman Camerer that along the tracks would be a good place to start with lights.

President Wallace stated that the depot should be included as well.

The item will come back to Committee when more pricing information is obtained.

Chairman Gabrenya stated that speaking of the 4th of July, there is so much work that is done from village staff, the park district and 4th of July Committee. She thanked all involved.

President Wallace stated that the village was hoping the road resurfacing would be completely done before the event, but with the weather, they were not able to get it completed. He thanked Mr. Dinges for contacting them and getting the barriers removed and to a point where traffic can operate freely before the festival.

Mr. Dinges stated that the bike path by the horse farm will still be under construction, unfortunately.

President Wallace asked Chief Ullrich to look into having someone stationed there for safety.

Chief Ullrich stated that they reach out to the 4th of July Committee to make sure they inform everyone in the parade that this section will be a little rougher.

Chairman Hopkins stated that the property is located on the west side of S. Bartlett Rd.

There being no further business to discuss, Chairman Camerer moved to adjourn and that motion was seconded by Chairman Deyne.


AYES: Trustee Camerer, Carbonaro, Deyne, Gabrenya, Hopkins, Reinke

NAYS: None



The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

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