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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Village of Northbrook Board of Trustees met May 28

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jul 12, 2019

Village of Northbrook Board of Trustees met May 28.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:


Attendee Name



Sandra Frum

Village President


Kathryn Ciesla



Bob Israel



Muriel Collison



Jason Han



Heather Ross



Johannah Hebl





A. Board of Trustees - Regular Meeting - May 14, 2019 7:30 PM


MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl



A Resolution Recognizing Commander Greg Glickauf for Twenty-Seven Years of Service in the Police Department


MOVER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl


A Resolution Recognizing Battalion Chief Chris Wasco for Twenty-Four Years of Service in the Fire Department


MOVER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

SECONDER: Bob Israel, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl

C. Promotion of John Ustich to Commander

D. Promotion of Bill McGuinnes to Sergeant

E. Promotion of Dennis Ortlund to Battalion Chief

F. Promotion of Steve Luecht to Captain

G. Promotion of Joseph Klemm to Lieutenant

H. Swearing In of FF/Paramedic John Kulick


Lee Goodman stated that last week there was a report of shots fired in Northbrook at Shermer and Oak. The only thing heard from the Village of Northbrook was that there was no danger to the public. He asked how that statement can be made. Shots were fired in Northbrook when people were walking home from the train and kids were hanging out or going to their orthodontist appointments or driving through town. There was indeed a danger to the public.


Village Hall doors will be opening every Saturday in June for the sale of vehicle stickers, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.


Payments to be Made Per Listing Dated May 1, 2019 - May 15, 2019 (Alpha and Descending Lists)

Trustee Ciesla moved to approve Class A and B Warrants dated May 1, 2019 - May 15, 2019 in the amount of $4,577,399.46.


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl

B. Review of Frontage Deposit List Dated May 14, 2019

Trustee Ciesla moved to approve Frontage Deposit Refunds dated May 14, 2019 in the amount of $14,000.00.


MOVER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl


A. Youth Commission Update on Wellness Forums

Danny Brodson updated the Board on the Youth Commission's year. The mission of the Youth Commission is to encourage, elevate and amplify the views and voices of local youth.

B. Update on Text Program

Contract with A5 for a communications audit is up for approval tonight from the Board. This plan will take approximately twelve weeks. They will conduct focus groups, surveys and interviews. We will be working with the host of Northbrook Notify to make it simpler to sign up eliminating the need to create an account.

Northbrook Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Village, will be launching a text marketing program in June. The program is very simple; you text NBK to 55678 to enroll in the program or you can point your phone at the QR code. Twice a month you will receive a text with special offers from area businesses. There is no participation cost for the businesses and no obligation to be associated with the Chamber. As an added enticement, the Chamber is offering a $500 shopping spree raffle for those who sign up.

C. Proclamation Declaring 2019 Year of Oakton Community College in Northbrook

D. Proclamation Declaring 2019 Year of Oakton Community College in Northbrook


MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Muriel Collison, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl

E. Commission Appointments and Reappointments


MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Jason Han, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl



MOVER: Bob Israel, Trustee

SECONDER: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

AYES: Frum, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han, Ross, Hebl


A Resolution Authorizing a Contract with Raynor Door Company of Northfield, Illinois for Overhead Door Maintenance Services


A Resolution Authorizing An Agreement for Hydrant Painting with Alpha Paintworks Inc. of Chicago, Illinois


A Resolution Approving An Agreement for Pavement Marking Services with Preform Traffic Control Systems, Ltd. of Elk Grove Village, Illinois


A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of an Agreement with Emerald Tree Care, LLC of Carol Stream, Illinois for the Treatment of 88 Parkway Elm Trees


A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Ayres Associates Inc. for Aerial Photography Services


A Resolution Approving the Renewal of an Annual Maintenance Contract for Zoho Corporation Software from Optrics Inc.


A Confirming Resolution Approving the Renewal of Virtual Server Software Annual Maintenance Contract


A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a Station Alerting System for the Three Fire Stations


A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Fire Department Uniforms Through On Time Embroidery, Inc. d/b/a Unique Apparel


A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of Subscription with Lexipol, LLC of Irvine, CA


A Resolution Authorizing Reimbursement for Phase III Engineering Costs to the Village of Glenview for the Village of Northbrook's Participation in the Design of a Multi-Use Path on Shermer Road


A Resolution Approving a Partial Settlement Agreement and Release in RTA et al. v. City of Kankakee Litigation with the City of Kankakee for Non-Brokered Economic Development Agreements


A Resolution to Renew an Agreement with Microsystems Inc. of Northbrook

N. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-31

An Ordinance Disposing of Surplus Vehicles and Approving the Purchase of Two (2) Police Department Replacement Vehicles from Currie Motors of Frankfort, IL

O. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-32

An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of a 2019 Elgin Crosswind Street Sweeper from Standard Equipment Company of Chicago, Illinois

P. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-33

An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of a Replacement Dump Truck from TransChicago Truck Group of Elmhurst, Illinois

Q. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-34

An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of Three Ford F-250 4x4 Pick Up Trucks with Snow Plows through the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative from Currie Motors of Frankfort, Illinois

R. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-35

An Ordinance Authorizing the Disposal of a Surplus Vehicle and Approving the Purchase of a Replacement Police Department Vehicle from National Auto Fleet Group of Watsonville, CA

S. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-36

An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of a Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator From Zoll Medical Corporation

T. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-37

An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of Automatic External Defibrillators From Zoll Medical Corporation

U. ORDINANCE NO. 2019-38

An Ordinance Granting a Special Permit Authorizing a Wall Sign in Excess of the District Height Limit of 20 Feet in the IB Institutional Building District (2370-2374 Shermer Road – Northbrook/Glenview School District 30) (Docket No. PCD-19-03)


A Resolution Approving An Agreement for a Communications Audit and Plan with a5 Inc.



A. A Summary of Docket No. PCD-18-16: Northbrook Court Redevelopment Plan

Michaela Kohlstedt reported that the subject property is located on the west end of the Northbrook Court Shopping Center. The subject property is Zoned C4, Regional Shopping and is the only C4 property in the Village of Northbrook. The project has approximately 106,000 sq. ft. of new retail and restaurant space with an additional 72,000 sq. ft. of redevelopment occurring in a portion of the west end of the shopping center adjacent to where the Macy's building will be torn down. The residential component will consist of approximately 315 units, ranging from studio to three bedrooms, with 432 indoor parking spaces located below the apartment building. In addition to the zoning relief being requested by the applicant, they are also seeking an economic incentives. One incentive being a TIF in the amount of $21.5 million and the second is a $5.5 million sales tax rebate; this would apply to the shopping center as a whole. Following the second Plan Commission Public hearing, there was additional commentary from members of the public, as well as Members of the Plan Commission, that resulted in more significant changes to the site plan vs. that of the first and second public hearing. The most significant comment coming out the second public hearing was that the overall height and massing of the residential building along the southern property line, should be reviewed to consider further modifications to reduce the impact to the adjacent existing residents to the south. Following the second public hearing, the applicant redesigned the site plan shifting the proposed residential building on the south approximately 27' further north on the site. This created a larger landscape buffer south of the residential building. They also, stepped back the fifth floor 18' on the south end of the building. The units that were lost with this design modification were picked up in a small wing on the north side of the residential building. In addition to shifting the residential building, the box "A" was also shifted north, box "A" being proposed as a 70,000 sq. ft. retail space possibly for a grocer. There was also a reconfiguration of the parking area north of the box "A" to further accommodate the shift north away from the south property line. Lastly, building "G" for restaurant uses, was also reconfigured slightly but remained in the same overall square footage area. The open green-space in the middle of the development remains the same. The new landscape buffer includes a berm that now covers the two levels of parking located below the apartment building, which in the original design had been exposed along the south facade. The applicant was also asked to come up with adaptive reuse plans for the 72,000 sq. ft. Box A building. The applicant is going to provide an update on this item during their presentation this evening. The Plan Commission recommended approval of the application with the zoning relief that was being sought. That relief including an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, a series of zoning code text amendments to adopt the new site plan as presented this evening, a series of uses to be included in the C4 District, an amendment to the transitional setback requirement, also an amendment to allow an increase in height on the subject property of up to 80 feet and to allow a reduction in parking stall dimensions when located in an enclosed residential parking structure. The other relief that was recommended for approval was a Special Permit for multiple buildings on a single zoning lot since the redesign of the site incorporates a couple of free standing buildings such as the box "A" and building "G", a variation to reduce the rear setback from 150 feet to 100 feet and then tentative plat approval. In addition to the Plan Commission, the application was under consideration by the Architectural Control Commission, as well as the ICDC. Both groups recommended approval of the proposed plan. The ACC's approval did include some conditions that box "A" as well as building "G" return as there is an actual elevation design for these structures to go before the ACC as well as any new signage.

The Village Attorney Elrod went over the elements of the financial proposal requested by the developer.

Adam Tritt, Brookfield Properties - Stated that the plan is to redevelop the existing Macy's and turn that into a vibrant relevant use that would be both successful and revitalize the existing Northbrook Court. Northbrook Court needs to be modernized and reinvented. Regarding the proposed grocer, in their retail business, the definition of an anchor is rapidly changing and evolving, they are uses that drive traffic. Mr. Tritt discussed some case studies that highlighted the change in anchors and went through all the possible changes and why they did not work and why this plan seems to be the best fit for this property.

Dan Walsh, Ryan Companies, responsible for the residential development in partnership with Brookfield Properties. Mr. Walsh went over the evolution of the residential component of the redevelopment. Affordable housing is a topic of importance to the Village and Ryan Companies along with Brookfield Properties have made a proposal of $750,000 to seed a fund for the Village's use in affordable housing.

Trustee Hebl asked if there is a figure for the redevelopment portion of the interior of the mall vs. the exterior of the mall. Mr. Tritt responded that about $25 million for the common areas and 30/70 split between the adjacent retail project and the exterior.

Trustee Hebl asked about the affordable housing proposal, it's incremental as when it is to be paid with the final installment being 24 months after the Certificate of Occupancy is received. If the property is sold, the TIF remains with the property, how would the Village recover these funds? President Frum replied that the commitment runs with the project. Attorney Elrod added the obligation runs with the land, so it would be an obligation that would have to be picked up by any successor/developer. This obligation is also a precondition to the distribution of the TIF funds and sales tax funds.

Kenneth Slopika, 2215 Illinois Road, Northbrook - Stated that he was at the Plan Commission Meeting/Hearing and feels it is important to consider the Village's needs. He collected about 26 signatures of people who feel the same way he does. This is a good project for Northbrook Court. He feels the developer did a good a job balancing the concerns of the neighbors with the requirements for a successful project. He urges the Board to support this development.

Mike Scolaro, Village of Northbrook resident - He is in favor of this project. Voting yes, is the only good vote for Northbrook. The Joint Review Board, the Plan Commission, and the schools are all in favor of this project.

Jeff Castleman, Village of Northbrook resident - Spoke in favor of the redevelopment of Northbrook Court. He is in the commercial real estate business and it is the way of the future to redevelop this mall.

Steve Fishman, Village of Northbrook resident - Stated that he is a Principal at Mid- America Real Estate based in Chicago. He feels that this proposal is a great move-forward for the mall. He stated that his company spends hours every week studying regional malls just like Northbrook Court and it's no secret that the shopping patterns are changing daily and the need for malls of this size are quickly changing. He is all for this project.

Resident of Linden Road, Northbrook - He stated that people living on the south side of this project are not against this project that is a misconception. The objection is that the apartment building is going to dwarf their properties. All we are asking is for a better setback. The current zoning laws clearly state that this should not have an impact on existing properties.

Mr. Papaquella of Linden Road, Northbrook - Regulations are in place to protect every citizen. Putting an exception to these regulations only maximizes the benefit of the developer. The end does not justify means. He believes that there are other options out there. Please protect all the residents in this area.

Alan Jaffe, Northbrook resident - He is in the retail business. Northbrook Court was built in the 70s for a different shopper, a different community, a different time. This proposed project is a well thought out redevelopment of the mall. He is in support of the project.

Dr. Leonard Ginsberg - Northbrook resident - Spoke against the proposed project. He lives on the south west side of the property to be developed. He just recently spent a lot of money redeveloping his backyard. Now there is proposed monstrosity 150 feet away from his property. He believes the developer is just presenting a smoke and mirrors game. He finds it very suspect that a grocer would come into this 70,000 sq. ft. facility when so many grocers in the area have gone out of business.

Chris Ostman, lives adjacent to the proposed project - He is not opposed to rejuvenating the area/mall, but he is concerned about the pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. This project is setting a precedence for future projects.

Jennifer Reese, resident of Glenbrook Countryside - Feels that overall the neighbors want to see a redevelopment of Northbrook Court, they do not want to see "Closing" signs. But, there are zoning rules and regulations put into place to protect residents that live near there. Please keep this in mind when making a decision.

Jim Beckett, 232 Linden Rd - Would like to invite everyone to drive down Linden Road and take a look before making a final decision on this project. If you drive down and you think we are right, please have the developers move back the third and fourth floors another eighteen feet. A petition was sent around last night and received 136 signatures. (Petition given to the Village Clerk)

Kenneth Smith, President of Glenbrook Properties Homeowner Association - Representing 280 property owners from Glenbrook Countryside. This situation is unacceptable to our homeowners. The homeowners would like to see the building moved, possibly the west side or north. If it's on the north side, there is buffer. There are three intersections coming in and going out of Northbrook Court with traffic lights that are not sequenced, they are tripped lights. There are five lanes east and west on Lake Cook Road with thousands of cars going past every day. Put up signs, that will tell whoever is going by what's in Northbrook Court regardless of where the building is. Remember if the Board votes in favor of this, it will be your legacy, an 80-foot-high, 400-foot-long building, 100 feet from a residential area, disregarding concern for the character of the residential area, property values and privacy issues.

Cary Weinman, Glenbrook Countryside, we have been led to believe from the developers, owners, builders and even the government of Northbrook that allowing a 315-unit rental apartment building to be built on the border of Glenbrook Countryside is the only way the mall can be saved. The owners of Northbrook Court need to put in money and upgrades into the mall to keep it current. It is ridiculous to think that an apartment building is going to save the mall. The idea of a grocery store saving a mall is another ridiculous thought. We have been told that you need to see the grocery store and the green space from Lake Cook Road. If you look at the plans, the grass is blocked by restaurants they want to build and by Crate and Barrel. The idea that only an apartment building and grocery store will save the mall has to be examined.

Trustee Ciesla stated that this is one of the most significant decisions she's been faced with in her ten years on the Board. No matter what is decided, it will impact each individual in the Village for many years to come. Sales tax in the Village of Northbrook represent approximately 30% of the general fund revenues. Northbrook Court is the single largest sales tax producer at $4,000,000 a year. Northbrook Court needs to evolve or it's simply going to decline. It's unrealistic to think another large retailer is going to fill the space Macy's leaves behind. E-commerce sales are increasing. The predicted trend is that in the year 2023, e-commerce sales are going to exceed $735 billion in the United States. Mixed use development is happening all around, it's the new trend. A developer is coming to Northbrook with $250 million to put into a project in our community. Property tax revenues coming from Northbrook Court annually are $7 million per year. If we don't act in a positive way now, Northbrook Court will have disastrous results for the Village, the schools, our library and parks. Trustee Ciesla will support this project and hopes fellow Trustees will do the same.

Trustee Israel stated that he is in support of this project. The residents of Countryside are not "second class citizens". This is not a decision made lightly or capriciously. Department stores and malls must change in order to survive. He believes this development is a good move. This will bring a welcome vitality to the area that it currently does not have. No development will meet approval from everyone, this is a hard decision to make but, overall this will benefit Northbrook and the region at large.

Trustee Collison thanked everyone for coming tonight and thanked the developer for incorporating the affordable housing portion. Trustee Collison agrees with everything stated by Trustee's Israel and Ciesla but she does have a problem with the setback on the south and how it effects the property owners. She drove down Hickory, Linden and Oakwood and thinks that the character of the neighborhood will be greatly affected by this building, the value of the properties will suffer. She is not sure as of now which way she will be voting, she is not sure this is the best plan for this project, it's the best team but not necessarily the best plan.

Trustee Han supports the mixed use and the affordable housing but, does not support an affordable housing fund. The Village does not have an affordable housing plan yet, we don't have anything that would address $750,000 though it sounds like a lot, what would we do with it, how to implement this fund. This only encourages future developers to pay the fee in lieu of developing actual affordable housing. He does not support the affordable housing fund or the TIF and sales tax rebate but does support the mixed use.

Trustee Ross also thanked everyone for coming out and speaking tonight. There needs to be change in Northbrook Court, no one disputes that. She agrees with Trustee Han that when you have an affordable housing fund where does the housing go? Hopefully, the Village will have an affordable housing plan soon. She is currently undecided on this project, if there is something more the developers could offer in terms of affordable housing that would affect her decision.

Trustee Hebl supports this plan as revised.

Village Attorney Elrod stated that what the developers have done in regard to an affordable housing fund, the voluntary contribution was offered by the developer since Northbrook does not have an affordable housing plan. This does not mean that when Northbrook has an affordable housing plan it has to have a fee in lieu component. There are no strings attached to the developer’s contribution of the $750,000.

President Frum also thanked everyone for coming out. This is not an easy decision and she takes her responsibility very seriously. It is time the Board discussed affordable housing for Northbrook and also time for a policy to be on the books. She has informed perspective developers who may be coming forward in the next several months to plan on including affordable housing components in their plans, that there will be a requirement on the books by the end of the year, if not sooner. Northbrook Court is an economic engine for sales tax and property tax revenue. Currently, Northbrook Court is a Class A shopping center, how long it will remain that way with an empty anchor is anyone's guess. It is also wrong to think that another developer will come along and propose a substantially different plan. We have a chance today to make a difference to our community. The primary role of the Board of Trustees is fiduciary. It is to make sure we have the financial ability to pay for the services that the residents need and want. Northbrook Court is too important to our community's well-being to not do everything in our power to make sure it is successful. President Frum intends on supporting this project.

Trustee Ciesla moved ,seconded by Trustee Israel to prepare documents to approve the development as proposed at the Board of Trustee June 11, 2019 Board Meeting. On roll call, Trustees Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Hebl and President Frum voted yes, Trustee Han voted no.

The Board of Trustees took a five minute break.


1. Preliminary Review - 2420/2450 Landwehr - Single Family Homes Rezoning and Subdivision

Michaela Kohlstedt reported that two lots, 2420 and 2450 Landwehr, Zoned R1 - Single Family, each consist of one individual home on each lot. The Comprehensive Plan designates it as appropriate for single family. Combined, the subject property is about 3.5 acres. In 2014, the Board saw a proposal for twelve units with a private road. At that time, there were concerns with the density and concerns over the private road and whether there would be adequate parking. In 2015, there was a Preliminary Review for a proposal of an eight-lot subdivision; at that time the discussion with the Board was that it was appropriate so long as there would be adequate access around the cul-de-sac for emergency vehicles. That applicant did not proceed with a formal application. In 2016, there was a Preliminary Review for a seven-lot subdivision also seen as appropriate. The Board had directed the Plan Commission to review the storm water, that applicant did file a formal application however shortly withdrew it before going through the public hearing process. In 2017, there was a Preliminary Review for a seven-lot subdivision, like the previous one. This was also seen as appropriate. That applicant filed a formal application and then shortly withdrew it before going through the process. Before us this evening is an eight-lot subdivision, the applicant has shifted the road back, south of Dorian vs having been aligned like the two previous Preliminary Reviews, the offset is 125 feet which meets the subdivision code for a road offset. The applicant has stated that the lots will comply with the R4 Zoning in terms of square footage and lot width and that detention would be provided. The proposed road would be a public road meeting the standards necessary along with that of the cul-de-sac. The requested relief is to rezone the property from R1 to R4 and then approval of a tentative plat of subdivision.

Trustee Ciesla has no objection to this.

Trustee Israel only has reservations for the emergency vehicle access, sidewalks and storm water.

Trustee Collison has no problem with this.

Trustee Han also has no problem with this.

Trustee Ross has no problem with this.

Trustee Hebl has no objection to this.

President Frum has no objections either. In the past, the County had insisted on a turn lane there, she doesn't believe it is necessary so if the engineer agrees, she would like to take the stand that it is not needed.

Preliminary Review - Request to Modify Perimeter Fence - Gateway Townhomes - Shermer Road

Tom Poupard reported that the proposal involves a request to modify the perimeter fence design for the Gateway Townhomes currently under construction on Shermer Road. The applicant is requesting permission to eliminate the masonry columns and have a more traditional stockade fence.

Trustee Ciesla stated that this went through the Plan Commission and the neighbors had a lot to say about the project and it needs to go back to the Plan Commission. She likes the fence as it was originally proposed.

Trustee Israel stated that those commitments were made, and he feels this needs to go back to the Plan Commission.

Trustee Collison agrees and feels they are trying to do something less expensive that won't look as nice. This should stay the same and if the developer wants to change the design it needs to go back to the Plan Commission.

Trustee Han feels this is a major variation request.

Trustee Ross agrees with the other Trustees.

Trustee Hebl would like this sent to the Plan Commission.

President Frum stated that if the petitioner decides to go forward with this it should go to the Plan Commission.




There was a meeting tonight to discuss charitable contributions. All of the organization’s contributions remained the same as last year except for the Josselyn Center, and the Historical Society, both of which were increased.






Item moved to the Consent Agenda.





Trustee Israel moved, seconded by Trustee Han to adjourn at 10:30 p.m. On voice vote, all were in favor.

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