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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Village of Northbrook Board of Trustees met April 10.

By Lhalie Castillo | May 3, 2018

Village of Northbrook Board of Trustees met April 10.

Here is the minutes provided by the Board:

1. Roll Call

Attendee Name Title Status Arrived

Sandra Frum Village President Present

James Karagianis Trustee Present

A.C. Buehler Trustee Present

Kathryn Ciesla Trustee Present

Bob Israel Trustee Present

Muriel Collison Trustee Present

Jason Han Trustee Present

2. Pledge Of Allegiance

3. Closed Session (Expected To Last At Least An Hour)

Trustee Ciesla moved, seconded by Trustee Collison to go into Closed Session to discuss section 2(c)5 Acquisition of Property and section 2(c)11 Pending and Potential Litigation. On voice vote, all were in favor.

4. Minutes Approval

A. Board of Trustees - Regular Meeting - Mar 13, 2018 8:00 PM

Result: Accepted [Unanimous]

Mover: James Karagianis, Trustee

Seconder: Muriel Collison, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

B. Board of Trustees - Special Meeting - Mar 20, 2018 7:30 PM

Result: Accepted [Unanimous]

Mover: James Karagianis, Trustee

Seconder: Muriel Collison, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

5. Public Hearing (Public Hearing Will Not Start Prior To 7:30 pm)

A. Public Hearing FY 2018/19 Annual Budget

Total Budget - $94,000,000.00

General Fund Portion: $45,300,000.00

This Budget abates $241,000.00 in a property tax levy increase, approved in December for the General Fund. The Abatement Ordinance was approved by the Village Board, March 20, 2018. After the Abatement, the General Fund is projected to be balanced. The estimated Fund Balance at April 30, 2019 is equal to 46% of revenues and that is almost $3,000,000 above our 40% policy. In a detailed two-year revenue and expense projection for the General Fund, our total fiscal year 2018-2019 operating expenses are.8% lower than the projections that were made one year ago. We do have significant Capital Projects included in the proposed Budget; these include street maintenance improvements of $3.4 million, water distribution system improvements of almost $6 million, storm water mitigation of $1 million and a ladder truck replacement of $1.4 million. Operating expenditures have remained stable. Our projected Operating Expenditures for fiscal year 2018-2019 are only 2% higher than the Operating Expenses for 2017-2018. Revenues have remained relatively stable with one significant exception; our telecommunications taxes have decreased by $1 million a year. Effective July 1st, the Home Rule Sales Tax will increase from.75% to 1%, the Home Rule Sales Tax does not apply to the sale of automobiles, groceries or medicine, all other retail sales are included. There were no public comments.

Trustee Israel motion and Trustee Collison second to close the Public Hearing. All in favor.

Trustee Ciesla motioned, seconded by Trustee Karagianis to move items 13a, b and c to Section 5. On voice vote all were in favor.

B. An Ordinance Adopting the Municipal Budget of the Village of Northbrook, County of Cook, State of

Illinois for the Fiscal Year Beginning May 1, 2018 and Ending April 30, 2019

Result: Adopted [Unanimous]

Mover: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

Seconder: James Karagianis, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

C. An Ordinance Adopting the Budget of the Northbrook Public Library, County of Cook, State of Illinois for

the Fiscal Year Beginning May 1, 2018 and Ending April 30, 2019

President Frum recused herself and left the room.

Trustee Ciesla moved, seconded by Trustee Buehler to name Trustee Karagianis President Pro-tem. On voice vote, all were in favor.

Result: Adopted [6 To 0]

Mover: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

Seconder: Muriel Collison, Trustee

Ayes: Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

Recused: Frum

D. An Ordinance Adopting and Authorizing the 2018/2019 Annual Fee Ordinance

Result: Adopted [Unanimous]

Mover: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

Seconder: Bob Israel, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

6. Hear From Audience (Hear From Audience Will Not Start Prior To 7:30 pm)

7. Manager's Report

Village Manager Richard Nahrstadt provided an update on the State of Illinois’ planned road closure at Dundee Road - this was supposed to occur but due to a utility conflict, the project will be delayed. The revised project timeline has not been determined yet. Village Manager Nahrstadt then congratulated Iwona Petryszak on her promotion to Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

8. Warrant List

On an omnibus vote, Trustee Ciesla moved, seconded by Trustee Karagianis for the approval of Class A and B Warrants totaling $1,601,534.16 for the period Mach 16 - March 31, 2018and approval of Frontage Deposit Refunds totaling $14,300 dated March 30, 2018. On voice vote, all were in favor.

A. Review and Approval of Payments to be Made

Trustee Ciesla moved for the approval of Class A and B Warrants totaling $1,601,534.16 for the period Mach 16 - March 31, 2018. As well as approval of Frontage Deposit Refunds totaling $14,300.00 dated March 30, 2018. Second. Approved on a roll call vote.

Result: Adopted [Unanimous]

Mover: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

Seconder: James Karagianis, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

B. Review of Frontage Deposit List Dated March 30, 2018

Result: Adopted [Unanimous]

Mover: Kathryn Ciesla, Trustee

Seconder: James Karagianis, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

9. President's Report

A. Proclaiming April 22, 2018 as "Earth Day" in the Village of Northbrook

A. Proclaiming April 22, 2018 as "Earth Day" in the Village of Northbrook

April 22nd Earth Day will be celebrated in the Village of Northbrook.

B. Proclaiming April 27, 2018 as "Arbor Day" in the Village of Northbrook

April 27th Arbor Day will be celebrated in the Village of Northbrook.

B. Proclaiming April 27, 2018 as "Arbor Day" in the Village of Northbrook

April 27th Arbor Day will be celebrated in the Village of Northbrook. 10. CONSENT AGENDA

Result: Adopted [Unanimous]

Mover: Bob Israel, Trustee

Seconder: James Karagianis, Trustee

Ayes: Frum, Karagianis, Buehler, Ciesla, Israel, Collison, Han

A. Resolution No. 2018-25

A Resolution Approving a Property Tax Incentive Release Agreement with Euromarket Designs Inc. d/b/a Crate & Barrel

B. Resolution No. 2018-26

A Resolution Authorizing the Execution of Contract with Glenbrook Excavating & Concrete Inc. of Wauconda, IL for the 2018 Water Main Replacement Program

C. Resolution No. 2018-27

A Resolution Authorizing the Execution of a Contract with Schroeder Asphalt Services Inc. of Huntley, Illinois for the 2018 Asphalt Street Rehabilitation Program

D. Resolution No. 2018-28

A Resolution Approving the Renewal of a Contract with Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. of Skokie, Illinois for the 2018 Sidewalk Replacement Program.

E. Resolution No. 2018-29

A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement for Environmental Engineering Services with Huff and Huff Inc. of Oak Brook, Illinois

F. Resolution No. 2018-30

A Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of an Agreement for Material Testing Services with Soil and Material Consultants Inc. of Arlington Heights, Illinois

G. Resolution No. 2018-31

A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of the Contract With Meade Electric Company of McCook, Illinois for Maintenance of Traffic Signals

H. Resolution No. 2018-32

A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of the Contract with Foot Stone Inc. of Glenview, Illinois for Native Landscape Management Services

I. Resolution No. 2018-33

A Resolution Authorizing Renewal of a Contract for Tree Trimming Services with Nels J. Johnson Tree Experts Inc. of Evanston, Illinois

J. Resolution No. 2018-34

A Confirming Resolution Authorizing the Emergency Replacement of the Automatic Transfer Switch at the Public Works Center by Thermflo Inc. of Buffalo Grove, Illinois

K. Resolution No. 2018-35

A Resolution Authorizing a Contract for Design and Installation of a Replacement Generator at the Village Hall with Engineered Services d/b/a Powerlink Electric of Vernon Hills, Illinois

L. Resolution No. 2018-36

A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement for Security Camera System Upgrades with Griffon Systems Inc. of Elmhurst, Illinois

M. Resolution No. 2018-37

A Confirming Resolution Authorizing and Ratifying an Agreement with Illinois Pump Inc. of Rolling Meadows, Illinois for Emergency Repairs to Pump #10 at the Lake Front Pumping Station

N. Resolution No. 2018-38

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a Mobile Shelving System from Ellis Systems of Bolingbrook, IL

O. Resolution No. 2018-39

A Resolution Approving the Purchase of a Police Department Vehicle from Bob Ridings Inc. of Taylorville, IL

P. Resolution No. 2018-40

A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions for the Fourth of July Fireworks Display

Q. Ordinance No. 2018-17

An Ordinance Granting Approval of Special Permit and Variations for an Automotive Repair Facility with Outdoor Automobile Storage (3005 MacArthur Boulevard – VIP Tech Electric Inc.) (Plan Commission Docket No. PCD-18-01)

R. Ordinance No. 2018-18

An Ordinance Granting a Special Permit Authorizing Two Wall Signs in Excess of the District Height Limit of 20 Feet in the I-1 Restricted Industrial District (330 Pfingsten Road – Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates) (Docket No. PCD-18-03) Committee Reports

11. Planning/Zoning

A. Preliminary Review - Zoning & Development Applications

1. Preliminary Review of a Request from the Glenbrook Racquet Club for a Rezoning from I-1 to ICS and Special Permit Approval to Allow for an Indoor Tennis Facility and Outdoor Paddle Courts at 1835 Raymond

Michaela Kohlstedt reported that the subject property is on the southwest corner of Raymond and Carlson Drive. The existing Glenbrook Racquet Club is located at Janke and Carlson and they are looking to expand their facility to the subject property, 1835 Raymond, roughly 1.54 acres and currently Zoned I1, Restricted Industrial. The Comprehensive Plan designates this as appropriate for industrial and commercial services. The property to the west was just recently rezoned to the ICS District which contains the gymnastics training facility. To the south is I2, heavier industrial with the Lakeshore Recycling Facility and just to the southwest is Highland Baking. The subject property consists of a single-story structure with roughly 24,600 square feet in area. The applicant is looking to maintain the existing building and parking field on the subject property but to renovate the existing building to accommodate six indoor small courts, roughly 60 x 27 feet in 19,600 square feet of the structure; another 5,000 square feet of the building would be used to warehouse a tennis product that is already being warehoused on the subject property. The indoor small courts would be used for adult Pickle Ball from roughly noon until 3:00 p.m. Adult Pickle Ball is played on the same size court as that which is used for youth tennis for ages ten and under. That would be occurring indoors on the small courts from roughly 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. opposite the Pickle Ball hours. The applicant is also proposing to install four paddle courts and a warming hut on the south end of the property where currently there is a grass detention area. The outdoor paddle courts would be used roughly from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The applicant mentions that there is a need for six LED lights per court. The applicant is aware that detention needs to be maintained on the subject property and is working with an engineer. One option would be having detention underneath raised paddle courts. The relief that would be necessary for this proposed plan would be the rezoning to the Industrial/Commercial Services District, which this is designated appropriate for in the Comprehensive Plan, a Special Permit to allow a physical fitness facility on the subject property with the inclusion of outdoor Pickle Ball Courts and the accessory warming hut. An interior yard Variation on the western side of the subject property to maintain the existing parallel parking stalls and lastly, Site Plan approval.

Trustee Karagianis is unsure that there will be adequate parking for this facility, but finds the proposed use to be a good fit for the property.

Trustee Buehler agrees that parking could be an issue.

Trustee Ciesla would like to have a pick up and drop off zone designated, also wondering if they will be looking for a liquor license in the future.

Trustee Israel would like to see emphasis on the detention system.

Trustee Collison agrees with the parking issues.

Trustee Han agrees that the use is appropriate and agrees with all comments mentioned by the other Trustees.

12. Public Safety (Public Safety Discussion Will Not Start Prior To 7:30 pm)

A. Discussion of Assault Weapon Regulations

Village Attorney Steve Elrod gave a presentation on the options available to the Village for regulating assault weapons.

Attorney Elrod stated in his presentation that the Board cannot regulate the possession of handguns. According to the United States Supreme Court handguns fall under the Second Amendment and cannot be regulated. This concept does not apply to assault weapons. In 2013, the State of Illinois Legislature adopted Public Act 98-63 which established The Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act. Public Act 98-63 also included an amendment that doesn't relate at all to concealed carry but amends a provision of another State Statute, The Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card Act, known as FOID Act. With this amendment to the FOID Act, the State of Illinois State Legislature declared that the regulation of the possession or ownership of assault weapons was the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Illinois and that local governments in Illinois do not have the authority to regulate assault weapons. A close look at that particular Act shows that there is an exception which grandfathers in regulation of assault weapons that was enacted by local governments no later than a ten-day window following July 19, 2013. Those local assault weapon regulations are allowed and authorized under the Illinois State Statute and may be amended. Attorney Elrod does not feel that Northbrook falls under this exception since it did not enact such assault weapon legislation before being prohibited from doing so in 2013. There is a Bill pending in the State Legislature that would amend Section 13.1, Prohibition on Local Government Regulation. This Bill if passed, would allow municipalities who did not act within the tenday period or did not have Regulations on the books, to adopt Regulations on assault weapons. Cook County already has an Ordinance in place on assault weapons, the Blair Holt Assault Weapons Ban which was adopted in 1994. This Regulation applies to all persons in Cook County but if this article conflicts with an Ordinance of a Municipality, the Municipal Ordinance governs. Attorney Elrod outlined the following options which are available to the Village of Northbrook:(i) await the outcome of House Bill 1467; (ii)adopt its own Assault Weapons Ban Ordinance now with a delayed effective date which would become effective only if House Bill 1467 becomes a Law; (iii) adopt an Assault Weapons Ban Ordinance utilizing the “grandfather/amendment” provision of Section 13.1 C of the FOID Act; (iv) adopt a ban on large capacity magazines; (v) adopt a ban on certain accessories such as bump stocks; (vi) acknowledge the applicability of and enforce the Cook County Assault Weapons Ban which already exists and is applicable to the Village of Northbrook; (vii) express support of the statewide ban on assault weapons; or (viii) take no legislative action at all.

The Concealed Carry Act, currently prohibits businesses that serve alcohol on premises and obtain 50% or more of their gross revenue from the sale of alcohol to prohibit patrons from bringing concealed firearms onto the licensed premises. Such businesses are required by state law to post the “No Firearms” sign required by the Concealed Carry Act. If the Village of Northbrook desired to expand this prohibition to all places of business where alcohol is sold for on-premises consumption it would do so under its liquor licensing authority. The Village, like the City of Chicago, would be able to require its Liquor License holders to put a ‘no concealed carry’ sign in their window and prohibit the carry of concealed weapons on any licensed premises that allows on-site consumption.

Public Comment:

Johanna (Jojo) Hebl, a resident of Northbrook, stated that she was before the Board five years ago shortly after Sandy Hook and asked that the Board take some action and was then told that this would be a State issue, but unfortunately nothing has happened. She feels that Northbrook should adopt the Cook County Ordinance regarding assault weapons.

Bob Morgan, Deerfield resident and Candidate for State Representative in the 58th District which has portions of Northbrook, stated that the Village of Deerfield stands with Northbrook in taking some sort of action. There is so much more that can be done in regard to weapons and also mental illness and a variety of ways we can make our schools safer. Mr. Morgan thanked the Board for their time and encourages them to take action.

Nancy Rotering, Mayor of Highland Park, stated Highland Park banned assault weapons and large capacity magazines five years ago, and she encouraged Northbrook to do the same. These weapons have no place in our communities. Cook County already allows you to take action, please do so.

Joshua Potts, resident of Chicago, feels that if Northbrook chooses to enact an Ordinance that requires a business that sells liquor, such as a restaurant to have a sign posted, you will not be changing the statistics on crime only endangering people who choose to eat at the restaurant sober with their conceal carry.

Eli Crinen, resident of Northbrook, would like the Board to reconsider their stance and opinion on assault weapons. He feels that assault weapons should not be banned in the Village of Northbrook. Assault weapons are not to blame, people are to blame for shootings.

Tracy Katzs Muhl, resident of Northbrook, shared a statement from State Senator Julie Morrison regarding the need for regulation of assault weapons and requests the support of the Northbrook Village Board.

Karen Fliegler, resident of Northbrook, stated that action does matter. There are things we can do now, in June, there is a National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we can illuminate buildings with orange lights, and we can make Proclamations as a Village. There are also many issues regarding domestic violence, what can be done in the Village to address these issues also.

Mr. Pintz, a lifelong resident of Northbrook, commercial property owner, business owner and a gun owner asked Mr. Elrod if the Ban in Cook County was a Ban on possession or a Ban on sales. Attorney Elrod responded that it is a Ban on possession in the County.

Danny Brodson, Youth Commissioner and planner of the Glenbrook North Walkout stated he had a friend at Parkland and thankfully he is alright but he had to watch his classmates die. It is important that Northbrook sends a message that we are a place of action and that we do care.

Zachary Sims, resident of Northbrook, husband and father of a nine-year-old daughter, a competitive shooter, member of the NRA and a trial attorney with twenty-one years’ experience stated he is against an assault weapons ban, they are ineffective. We are already under the protection of the Cook County Assault Weapons Ban. Why are we trying to duplicate a law that already covers Northbrook? Northbrook needs to consider the legal fees that they will incur with establishing an Ordinance on a weapons Ban.

Felissa Onixt, resident of Northbrook, and teacher for twenty-three years begged the Northbrook Board to meet with students and teachers to see how safe they feel. There needs to be a safe environment for learning. Please do something to help children.

Bernard Howard Fryman, resident of Northbrook for thirty years, stated he felt that guns are not the problem, the problem is mental health. Criminals don't care about laws, you can write all the laws you want, criminals won't follow them. Writing a law will not stop people from being able to obtain an assault weapon. It is our Second Amendment Right to protect our family and businesses. Take the money you are going to have to spend on legal fees and put it into protecting our children at school. Good people in Northbrook who want to carry guns should not be persecuted or put down because of it.

Kathryn Caponisso, resident of Northbrook, stated she has lived with guns safely stored in her home her entire life. She comes from a Chicago Police family and is currently married to a hunter. She urged the Board to consider options 4,5, and 6 from the list provided by Attorney Elrod. Help protect the children of Northbrook.

Rafal Rypka, resident of Chicago, a gun owner, NRA Member and a University College Adjunct Professor stated assault weapons are no different than any other handgun or semi-automatic weapon. All weapons are dangerous. As a FOID card holder, he is background checked, as are all FOID card holders. Gun owners are not the issue -crime is an issue. Mr. Rypka proposes that current laws be enforced. There are plenty of current laws that would be effective if they were enforced, increase security at schools, backpack checks, hiring Resource Officers, etc. As a person with a disability, his life has been threatened in Chicago five different times in his thirty-six years of life. He cherishes the ability to legally carry a firearm.

Adrienne Schulerzbach stated she has a child in the Deerfield School System and does not understand if Cook County bans bump stocks, why are bump stocks still being sold on Commercial Avenue. President Frum responded that Cook County does not ban bump stocks and the store in question is just an internet store, there is no warehousing of items at that store. Nothing can be purchased on site.

Amy Telisman, resident of Northbrook for almost five years and a parent of two young children stated she disagrees that an Assault Weapons Ban is a "feel good Ban." It may not be perfect but if it prevents one mass shooting, it's a success. She strongly urged the Board to consider options 4-7 from Attorney Elrod's list of options.

Lee Goodman, resident of Northbrook received clarification from Attorney Elrod on an item in his presentation. Mr. Goodman stated he felt it wouldn't be an issue to have Liquor License holders post “No Gun” signs in their windows.

Mike Amarilio, stated he works for Representative Carroll, and is a resident of Buffalo Grove. Mr. Amarilio read a statement from Representative Carroll encouraging a ban on bump stocks and other modifications.

Jim Stockinger, lifetime Northbrook resident stated he is a gun owner, and that you will never know who the gun owners are. They are quiet, law abiding citizens. New laws and restrictions won't do anything to prevent crime, they won't stop any more mass shootings. Please don't enact any foolish Regulations.

Matt Kritebers, resident of Northbrook stated he doesn't feel that any of the options, 1-7 laid out by Attorney Elrod will save any lives. If someone is going to plan something evil, they will find a way. He does believe that more can be done to make the schools safer, staff police officers, add other security measures.

Bill, who did not give a last name or town he resided in, stated that these options are cowardly. Any society that would trade freedom for a little safety deserves neither and will lose both.

Marvie Wood, resident of Northbrook for fifty-two years stated that many of the residents feel powerless right now because of the mass shootings. The mass shootings didn't happen with rifles or shotguns or handguns they happened with military grade guns. Military grade guns should be banned in Northbrook - a line needs to be drawn.

Rob Hauff, Glenview resident, stated that the majority of mass shootings always happen in gun free zones. The Black Knight Shooter (called that after the shooting during a Batman movie) had eight theatres to choose from and chose the one theatre that was a gun free zone. Please know all the facts and research before making a decision of this magnitude.

Andrew Stockinger, resident of Northbrook, stated he does not approve of any gun control laws in Northbrook. We have what we need, it's good enough, leave it alone.

Larry Panozzo, resident of Northbrook for twenty plus years asked the Board to please not associate school safety with an assault weapons ban. There are many things to be done to keep schools safe. Assault weapons are not the only way someone could damage. A weapons ban does not address the fundamental issues.

Trustee Buehler feels that the bulk of this Regulation should have been done on the State level. Cook County does have an existing Ordinance. Feels that the best way to handle the issue is not at the Municipal level.

Trustee Karagianis stated that he struggles with this. He will not go along with option 8, take no action. He stated when the Board previously considered this he thought the State would take action on the matter. There is already a Cook County Ordinance and we are in Cook County. Trustee Karagianis questioned how the Village would enforce this? These mass shootings are predominantly in America, what does this say about our values, our society, our education system, our parenting? A lot more needs to be done to protect our schools. He stated he felt nobody needs an assault rifle yet this is a difficult decision.

Trustee Ciesla states that in 2013 she felt that this was a State decision not a local government decision, but, now she feels that she is willing to do something to make a change. No child should not feel safe in school. Northbrook should be the first municipality in Cook County to enact a resolution to say that we adopt and approve the Cook County Ordinance. She stated she is in favor of banning high capacity magazines and bump stocks sales and possession within our community. Our Liquor License Code should be amended to prohibit conceal carry in those establishments that have a liquor license. A letter should be sent to our Governor, State Senators, State Representatives and indicate as a Board that Senate Bill 2314, House Bill 1465, House Bill 1467, House Bill 1468, that ban high capacity magazines, that raise the age to 21 years for the ownership and possession of weapons, that ban bump stocks and trigger cranks, that require a 72-hour waiting period for semi-automatic weapons should be approved. The State of Illinois should be the 10th State to require all sellers of firearms to conduct background checks for private sellers as well as public sellers.

Trustee Israel states that he does not feel that assault weapons are inherently evil and that a ban is the singular answer to all our woes. He was very disappointed in 2013 with the State’s handling of these issues. He agrees with banning high capacity magazines and bump stocks. He would like to look into the enforceability of bringing the Cook County Ordinance into the Village of Northbrook.

Trustee Collison stated she would not wait on the State. Does not want assault weapons, bump stocks or high capacity magazines in Northbrook. There is no reason for ownership of an assault weapon in Northbrook. Trustee Collison stated she would like to make a motion tonight to stop the sale of bump stocks and large magazines.

Trustee Han stated he agreed with Trustee Collison and Trustee Ciesla. Trustee Han asked Attorney Elrod about the legal result of accepting the Cook County Ordinance. Attorney Elrod responded that if Northbrook were to prosecute someone under the Ordinance, it would be up to Northbrook or the County to defend the Ordinance. Northbrook did not adopt the Ordinance so if there were legal issues it would be against Cook County, but this does not mean that Northbrook won't be totally without liability.

President Frum stated she still needs more information. The perfect solution would be for the State to take action on this. She noted she was In favor of the No Conceal Carry with Liquor Licenses and in favor of banning bump stocks and gun cranks. Cook County already has an Ordinance that applies to Northbrook, we just need to find out how we go about enforcing it. No decision is being made tonight. The next meeting will be April 24th and this will not be on the Agenda. The earliest possible it will show up on the agenda will be May 22, 2018.

Trustee Collison made a motion, seconded by Trustee Ciesla, to direct Staff to prepare the documents to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks. The motion was approved on a roll call vote 7 to 1.

Trustee Ciesla made a motion, seconded by Trustee Collision, to direct Staff to prepare the documents for a ban on the sale and possession of large capacity magazines as defined in the Cook County Ordinance. Trustee Buehler voted nay. The motion was approved on a roll call vote 6 to 1.

Trustee Ciesla made a motion, seconded by Trustee Karagianis, that those establishments that with a liquor license for on-premises consumption, consistent with the Chicago Ordinance be required to post a sign prohibiting Conceal and Carry. The motion was approved on a roll call vote 7 to 1.

Trustee Ciesla made a motion, seconded by Trustee Collison, to direct Staff to look at what the enforcement of the Cook County Ordinance would mean to the Village of Northbrook and come back to the Board with a report on this by the last meeting in May. The motion was approved on a roll call vote.

13. Administration/Finance


14. Public Works


15. Communications And Legislation


16. Community And Sustainability


17. Remarks For The Good Of The Order


18. Adjourn

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