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Monday, February 17, 2020

Early tax filings: Who prepaid in Kenilworth?

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By Michael Carroll | Mar 26, 2018

Property tax 3

Kenilworth residents prepaid $6.5 million in property taxes for 2018, according to a analysis of local data.

Because of Trump’s tax reform, which lowered individual tax rates but also capped the amount of property taxes those in high-property tax states like Illinois could write off at $10,000, a record number of Cook County homeowners paid their bills early, allowing them to keep the write-off for one more year.

Who prepaid in Kenilworth? Here are the top 100 taxpayers. 


Kenilworth prepaid property taxes

NameAddressTotal early tax paid
Matthew Halbower40 Devonshire Lane$215,629.73
Mary C Belton425 Sheridan Rd$76,448.05
R & A Winslow227 Sheridan Rd$76,381.79
203 Sheridan Rd Trust203 Sheridan Rd$71,811.03
Debra L Gill311 Sheridan Rd$64,122.07
Ctltc 800235163219 Sheridan Rd$55,050.13
Ctlt 8002358254134 Melrose Avenue$50,898.70
Craig Allan Miller36 Kenilworth$49,890.14
Karin E Tappendorf255 Sheridan Rd$49,045.08
H Kurt Von Moltke329 Warwick Rd$48,891.67
Rainbow Bend Prop Llc241 Melrose Ave$48,566.08
Richard Illgen433 Sheridan Rd$45,926.83
John Murray210 Abingdon Av$44,994.72
John Ferguson201 Sheridan Road$44,452.54
Mohan P Rao528 Roslyn Rd$43,819.35
D & C Yaccino315 Cumnor$38,699.08
Jason Hanold207 Cumberland Ave$38,695.84
Edward A Chestnut133 Kenilworth Av$38,366.63
James & Janet Wejman531 Essex Rd$37,715.82
Chris & Jane Fraleigh244 Cumnor Rd$35,753.18
Richard Nicolaides122 Woodstock Ave$34,596.25
Judith G Mcleod612 Warwick Rd$34,183.57
Benjamin E Erwin146 Robsart Pl$34,094.74
Cltc 8002374320144 Woodstock Ave$32,752.35
Pratt John M535 Warwick Rd$32,644.47
George & Emily Atia321 Melrose Av$32,528.79
Colette S Corcoran119 Tudor Place$32,433.76
S N & H H Martin145 Oxford Rd$32,384.61
Michael B Masterson243 Leicester Road$32,187.00
R & L Mathias414 Essex$31,934.44
Michael Parks221 Essex Rd$31,771.91
Paige Hopkins355 Kenilworth Ave$31,529.16
Lazar P Raynal306 Cumberland$31,444.63
Andrew F Sinclair574 Earlston Rd$31,432.19
Mary E Borgstrom Trust100 Abingdon Ave$31,429.33
Chris Mccormick74 Tudor Pl$30,983.38
Thomas Danilek319 Richmond Rd$30,812.92
James D Guerra423 Cumnor Rd$30,250.89
Constance B Coolidge323 Kenilworth Av$30,217.04
Rakesh R Khanna110 Kenilworth Avenue$29,817.32
Kenneth Kaufman105 Woodstock Av$29,787.12
Brian Dixon & Maureen157 Robsart Pl$29,778.57
Marcus & M Franklin530 Essex Road$28,995.01
Scott Weisenberger303 Cumnor Rd$28,952.51
Scott & Jeanne Sargent415 Essex Rd$28,927.50
John & Emily Dsouza515 Cumnor Rd$28,648.96
Grant M Dixton159 Abingdon$28,550.00
Debra A Cafaro245 Sheridan Rd$28,510.29
David & Catherine Neen112 Oxford Rd$28,364.87
Peter Huften542 Kenilworth Ave$28,048.03
Robert Collins201 Cumberland$27,644.94
V Kaura128 Robsart Rd$27,584.92
Anthony Flanagan429 Sheridan Rd$27,576.60
Mark A Hinkamp Qualifi221 Woodstock Ave$27,473.48
James Van Metre80 Tudor Pl$27,404.82
K & T Marceron232 Essex Rd$27,088.50
George A Bay336 Sheridan Rd$26,878.64
Glenn D Trout Jr547 Roslyn Rd$26,802.98
Marc P Franson324 Sterling Rd$26,093.72
James H Roth145 Melrose Av$26,080.53
Travis J Sullivan132 Tudor Pl$25,610.90
Ryan P Graham322 Woodstock Ave$25,305.31
Irene Bower337 Essex Rd$24,238.41
Ronald & Linda Genty140 Melrose Ave$24,108.89
Brian Goff615 Essex Rd$24,079.35
Michael & L Holling515 Essex Rd$24,025.29
Steve & Ann Potter240 Cumberland Av$24,004.16
Timothy A Dugan430 Essex Rd$23,770.61
Stephen Haggerty517 Greenwood Avenue$23,354.42
Hogan & Rzasnicki240 Woodstock Ave$23,332.13
J & P Smith416 Sheridan Rd$23,269.39
William Russell108 Melrose Av$23,266.52
Thomas Nodine627 Warwick$22,807.55
Peter & Kirby Kelly711 Brier St$22,792.90
Jro Holdings Llc84 Tudor Place$22,747.96
William T Bartholomay324 Sheridan Rd$22,591.02
Garrick& Jennifer Rice300 Abbotsford Rd$22,400.57
Ryan & Sarah Flury325 Richmond Rd$22,303.09
Ron Cortina228 Leicester Rd$22,219.86
Marie F Osadjan331 Abbottsford Rd$21,968.19
David Gransee111 Abingdon$21,942.53
Kenneth C Keller Jr337 Raleigh Rd$21,823.51
Patrick A Martin602 Earlston Rd$21,813.57
Dennis R Lingle307 Melrose Av$21,790.82
Greg & Carrie Hart43 Kenilworth Ave$21,723.22
B & E Martin234 Raleigh Rd$21,720.86
David Connelly333 Cumnor$21,711.01
Timothy Kollar206 Cumberland Ave$21,435.19
Bruce G Wilson333 Leicester$21,432.33
J & E Samartzis501 Kenilworth Ave$21,396.03
Michael R Degiulio139 Tudor Place$21,391.36
T J Booth- C W Booth520 Warwick Rd$21,344.85
Kris Bauer & Sarah Bau212 Sheridan Rd$21,305.96
Peter C Jane N Kelly213 Raleigh Rd$21,211.45
Sean & Dana Fallon212 Warwick Road$21,139.92
Charles S Allen156 Woodstock Av$21,097.70
Patricia Smietana336 Warwick Rd$21,073.57
Kristi S Brown431 Abbotsford Rd$21,062.93
L E Davidson111 Robsart Rd$21,061.64
Victor & Jun Pascucci330 Oxford Rd$21,025.61

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